World Food Programme

Meaningful modularity

The elimination of world hunger by 2030 may sound utopian, but it is the goal of the World Food Programme (WFP). As a Munich-based interior design firm, we have also set ambitious goals. We aim to create spaces that serve as an inspiring platform for multifaceted projects while also functioning as a base for various project teams and their working methods. With our mobile 'all-rounders,' we have developed modular furniture that is highly versatile and constantly generates new spaces according to users' needs.


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Daniel Schäfer

interior design for NGO

exciting interior design

Colors and patterns of the company reflect

Corporate identity in space

New Work
Offener Arbeitsbereich
Offene Küche im Office
Two design chairs at high table

Ergonomic work

CI Raum Planung
Space for concentrated work

Focus Space

Agile Arbeitsprozesse

The office has a dynamic core team of 16 employees who regularly embark on multi-week 'field missions' abroad. In addition, project teams of varying sizes are beeing hosted, ranging from multi-day workshops to several-week project assignments in Munich. We created an environment that provides an inviting co-working space for short-term visiting project teams and also allows our long-term employees to work in an environment based on a flexible desk sharing structure.

Design eines Sitzmöbels

More dynamic in the office space! With the mobile seating furniture 'Cruising Tom,' you can create flexible room arrangements for meetings and break-out moments in the modern office routine. Simply roll it over and adjust the workspace as needed